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Home Office Calls for Ductless Heat Pump

Americans are bringing their work home. It’s not enough to work 50-plus hours, but more and more of us have an office in our home where we catch up on extra work after dinner and on weekends. Or maybe that’s our fulltime work space. The Census Bureau found that millions of Americans joined the home-based

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Lose the Space Heater, Gain a Heat Pump

  If you’re like most Americans, you have a space heater around the house somewhere. How careful are you while it’s in use? Did you know that space heaters are responsible for one-third of all heating-related deaths in an average year? Firefighters say they are often used carelessly. People turn them on in bedrooms and

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Asthma Needs Control of Indoor Air Quality

It’s not your imagination: Asthma is on the rise. There are probably a whole host of reasons why an estimated 5 million people were added to the asthma rolls over the past 10 years alone. That makes 25 million of us wheezing and struggling to breathe. Not a pretty picture. If you have an asthmatic

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In the Zone— Make That Zones!!!!!!!!!!!!!— With Ductless HVAC

  Central heat and air are gradually starting to seem like the old coal furnace. Back in the day, it was state-of-the-art: A large blasting furnace in the basement or garage with tubing and piping and registers to move air through the home. No air conditioning, of course. That would come later in the 20th

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Glass v. AC: Good or Bad?

 One of our proudest objectives at ACDoctor is that we like to think we’re tellin’ it like it is. We strive to give consumers an objective, unadulturated view of air conditioning with all its marvels and warts. So a story like this fits with the game plan. Which one of the following statements is true:

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How Can the Internet of Things Control Your HVAC?

What’s all this talk about the Internet of Things? IoT. Looks a lot like LOL, typed by someone who can’t find the shift key. Well, it seems that the IoT is important for homeowners, because it has to do some smart homes. We covered it in a general way a while ago [http://www.acdoctor.com/blog/internet-things-will-run-hvac/] but how

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Simple Leaking Pipe Can Lead to Big Longterm Problems

Mold is everywhere, all the time. That’s what we’re told about mold. And that’s a good thing, because without it, dead and decaying plant life would overwhelm us. Mold— technically, fungi— breaks down and consumes dead plants and organic materials. Unfortunately, this also includes wood, paper, carpet, food, insulation and the materials that make up

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What’s the Real Story on the Ductless Split System?

You’ve probably noticed that ductless mini-split heat/AC/ heat pumps are the hottest thing in HVAC. OK, we used this term in the last blog post, but it’s still true. Contractors love them because they’re easy to install. Customers like them because there’s no big, bulky unit to spoil the decor. But let’s get down to

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Five Tips in Advance For Hurricane Season

Ready, get set, go! Hurricane season is upon us. We’ve already had Tropical Storm Bill, which dumped another foot of rain on a water-logged Texas coast. As Bill was moving north to visit folks in Oklahoma, those of us who were left behind were gratefully pondering how best to prepare for The Season. More Americans

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Heat Pumps That Work With Programmable Thermostats

 Heat pumps are hot. Selling like hotcakes, burning up the road, warming the hearts of consumers. Before we advise you to run out and buy a heat pump, which uses the geothermal properties of the earth or water to warm your space or cool it, here are a few facts you might not have heard.

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