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New Year Res: Change AC Filter!

  Somehow, changing the filter in your AC never rises to the top of the honey-do list. But you know that the condition of the AC filter affects how well your system is performing, right? There are actually two issues: air flow and efficiency. Air being forced through a clogged filter will actually trap more

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In the Zone— Make That Zones!!!!!!!!!!!!!— With Ductless HVAC

  Central heat and air are gradually starting to seem like the old coal furnace. Back in the day, it was state-of-the-art: A large blasting furnace in the basement or garage with tubing and piping and registers to move air through the home. No air conditioning, of course. That would come later in the 20th

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Green & Clean Air Conditioning

  In the past, air conditioning has been accused of being the bad guy. Now, with one ear tuned to customers’ concerns, the industry is making air conditioners so much more efficient that you can save money by investing in a new one.There are a couple of guidelines to keep in mind. First, buy one

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Green Grows the Air Conditioner

It would seem to be a conundrum. You want to leave a light footprint, go green, be eco-conscious and all that. But you surely don’t want to live without air conditioning! Fortunately, the industry is on your side. Air conditioners have been steadily gaining in efficiency and environmentally friendly technology for the past few decades.

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Best & Worst of Central Air Conditioners

You know your central air conditioner needs to be replaced. You’ve been told that fall is the best time to shop. You’ve talked with several contractors, each of whom has their own recommendation as to which brand is best. Now you’re on the fence. Should you spend more to get that expensive model that’s super-efficient

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3 Tips for Avoiding New Air Conditioner Remorse

Along with millions of Americans, you’ve decided that this is the year you need to have the air conditioner replaced. The thing is noisy. It broke down twice last year. You don’t want to feed oats to a dead horse, as the old saying goes. Of course you want to save money: that’s why you’re

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Why Should You Change Your Air Conditioner Filters?

New homeowners are often surprised when we tell them that their central air conditioner requires regular maintenance. ‘What do you mean?’ they say in honest puzzlement. ‘I thought I only needed to call a service guy if it stopped working properly.’ Well, yes. That’s the point, actually. You can let it go until it stops

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What’s a Manual J Got to Do With My Air Conditioner?

If you are building a new home, or if you’ve decided your air conditioner needs to be replaced, we hope that you are familiar with the term, ‘Manual J’. Because if you are not, you might need to talk with a different contractor, or two. (We can help you with that one. Start here: http://www.acdoctor.com/find-contractor/.)

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How Much Should You Spend on New Air Conditioner?

It’s funny and it’s true. Most people do not concern themselves overmuch with the price of a new air conditioner— until after it’s installed. Then they start to wonder whether they got a good deal, or if the contractor took advantage of them, or whether they could have gotten away with a smaller unit. We should

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Three Simple Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

So your air conditioner is getting a bit long in the tooth, as they say. Or you are just tired of paying high electric bills. What can you do to reduce the cost of air conditioning this summer? Here are three simple ways to lower your bill— with no decrease in comfort. (Unless you like

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