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From Hiding Capsules to Heat Pumps

It’s an idea that’s been floating around for light years. Thermogenesis. Why condition a whole house when you can just focus on the bodies moving around inside it? Why not just find ways to release the heat-generating capacity of our bodies, the way animals do in the wild? That’s efficient, laser-focused thermogenesis, right? One 1991

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Solar Power Hitches a Ride With Silicon Valley

That guy with the name like an elk who’s building the supercar named after a Serbian-American engineer. Quick: What’s his name? Doesn’t matter. The point is that he’s investing billions in a company that will manufacture and sell residential solar batteries. The kind that could power your home— or your kids’ home, or your grandkids’

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Six Issues to Consider Before Opting for Solar Power

So is the year you go solar. Why not? You’ve heard that solar panels increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell. You can see the handwriting on the wall— and it’s an electric bill that is climbing inexorably skyward, or the fossil fuels that feed those electric plants. You’re tired of

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Is Your Home Overdue For An Energy Audit?

  If you haven’t already had one, it’s never too late. No, we’re not talking about your annual physical exam— unless you apply that term to your home. We’re talking energy audits, which can be useful in a whole host of ways. Just for starters: 1. To figure out where your heating/ cooling/ lighting dollars

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Heat Pump Proves Long-term Value

  Heat pumps are still an abstract concept for most of us. Yeah, we know the basic principle— transfer warmth and cold– and we get that they are energy-efficient. Maybe we’ll investigate more if and when we buy or build our next house, but for now? Well, it’s out there.  (Here’s some news on heat

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Is a Heat Pump an HVAC Option for your home?

The beauty of a heat pump is that it uses the earth’s temperature (from below ground level) to heat and cool your home so that very little fuel– from coal, electricity, nuclear, or gas– is needed. How cool is that? Of course there are a couple of caveats. But generally, the cost of heating or

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These Energy Hogs Are Quietly Increasing Your Monthly Bill

Americans have gotten more savvy about saving energy in a fairly short time. Just one example: heating and cooling now takes up 48% of our home energy consumption, down from 58% just 15 years ago. But there’s still work to be done if we want to free ourselves from dependence on Middle Eastern oil, clean

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Energy Audits Help Homeowners Save $$$

So you finally bought that lake house you’ve been dreaming about. Or you’ve decided that 2014 is the year you’ll sell your house . . . . Whatever the reason, more and more Americans are opting for a professional energy audit. Is it worth it? Well, you hope to achieve a few things by hiring

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Indoor Climate Control: Taming Heat and Cold with a Smart Thermostat

Someone once said indoor climate control is like your heartbeat–you should only notice it when something’s wrong. As much as we’d like to ignore it, though, the fact is, our indoor ‘conditioned’ air–whether warmed or cooled–is very much under our control. There are a number of structural factors that can affect your home’s climate–such as

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Are You in the Zone? Zoning Your Air Conditioning or Heating System

To most homeowners, zoning is a vague concept. There are registers in the floor, right? Or maybe you have a mother-in-law apartment with its own space heater. To the pros, zoning is a serious subject. They know that zoning your air conditioning or heating system can lower your utility bill; or please roommates with very

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