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AC Coolant: Avoiding the F-Gases

  Springtime is right around the corner and you’re getting ready to call for service on your AC system. Be prepared, if you have an older unit, for a rather painful conversation with your HVAC guy. One source of pain is the fact that older units are considerably less efficient, so your HVAC contractor will

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HVAC Strives for Absolute Zero-Net-Energy

   If you follow this industry, you’ll hear and read about a million innovations coming onstream. PTACs, remote and wireless controls, connectivity between air conditioning and everything else in the world . . . .We’ve covered a few of them on this site: http://www.acdoctor.com/blog/ But the real sea change is occurring in more fundamental ways.

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Air Conditioning: What’s the true impact on the environment?

Here’s the good news: Over the past decade, as summers became hotter, air conditioning became 30% more efficient. Bad news? Air conditioning usage doubled, which canceled out any gains in moderating climate change. The world is getting warmer. People are having fewer children, but living in larger homes. The population is growing fastest in hot

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Residential Heating & Cooling Tech Grows Stronger, Smarter, Greener

A big part of the energy revolution in this country has been focused on making residential heating and cooling systems smarter, more efficient, and cleaner. The government is funding research, but business has also stepped up. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. And there’s no incentive like money to be made. Breakthrough

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The American Revolution: We’re Winning Again

Green energy is rapidly taking hold A revolution is transforming how Americans use and think about energy, says Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It’s an all-American green revolution! And this time, everybody wins. “Factbook 2013” was commissioned by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), a coalition of companies from the natural gas and renewable energy/efficiency

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