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How to Heat a New Addition to the Home

screenedporch1As we turn from the muggy heat of summer to a cooler season, we may need to reassess our indoor air quality. At our house, we decided that it was time, finally, to do something about the room where we’ve started to spend most evenings. Once a screened-in porch, we weatherized it last year. Now it’s become a favorite place for entertaining or having a meal, or just hanging out in a semi-outside area. 

But some nights it’s just too chilly. One of us (ahem) said we could probably get away with just a space heater, maybe save some money. But would that be costly to run? Another of us— you know who— said we might need a special patio heater (she was reading about this on San Francisco Gate or some website). The more we talked, the more it seemed like we might be better off with a heater and air conditioning unit out there— you know, to make it a true four-season space.

There seemed to be at least three options– an ordinary space heater, a heater made especially for patios, or a separate heating/ air conditioning system for our new zone. Here’s what we came up with. 

* You can buy a nice glass panel heater made by ComfortAire. It’s quiet, and we can roll it into the living room if needed. There’s a remote so we don’t have to interrupt the socializing to adjust the heat. More on that here: http://www.comfortup.com/comfort-aire-1-500-watt-portable-glass-panel-indoor-room-heater-120-vac

* The patio heater she was referring to uses advanced infrared wave technology to warm people and objects (not the air around us). This type of radiated heat is not affected by wind, and it shuts off if it’s tipped over. Here’s some more information on that product: http://www.comfortup.com/comfort-aire-1-500-watt-portable-infrared-outdoor-patio-heater-120-vac

  • * If we did decide to go with a complete climate-control system, we would choose this ductless minisplit heat pump. This is a heater and air conditioner that can be installed anywhere, without ductwork. (You need a certified HVAC tech to do it in order for the warranty to be activated.) It consists of an indoor cabinet and outdoor compressor. It also has a wireless remote. Here’s more on this type of product: http://www.comfortup.com/evo-9-000-btu-ductless-mini-split-w-inverter-heat-pump-230v-23-seer


So what did we do? Well, we’re still trying to decide. But it seems that we’re leaning towards the third option. Why do things in half-measure, right?

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