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Home Ventilation

opened window for home air ventilationToday’s building regulations require your home to be tightly built for energy efficiency, but that same tightness can also restrict the intake of fresh air and trap potentially hazardous indoor air pollutants, such as humidity, dry air, wood material off-gassing, cleaning agents, radon, carbon monoxide/dioxide and odors from people themselves.

There are two types of systems to address the need for fresh air ventilation, ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilators) and HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators). Each can be connected to your existing heating and cooling system or will work as a stand-alone system.

ERVs and HRVs draw fresh air into the HVAC system which is then distributed through the house.  Stale air is exhausted outside through the ventilator while heat is transferred between the indoor and outdoor air preventing energy loss. ERV systems are also capable of reducing the amount of humidity entering the home via the incoming air. This makes ERVs a great choice for humid southern climates.