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Before a contractor can design an HVAC system for you, they will perform a calculation known as a “Manual J”. This takes the microclimate of your area– humidity, elevation, average seasonal temperatures– and uses it to assess the cubic feet per minute needed to cool or heat each room, as well as the type of duct work and equipment your house needs.
Each state and each town has its own data set, and even the orientation of your windows is an important factor in making this calculation.

Your contractor has a tool for this. By assessing the outdoor environment, the amount of sunlight you get, the size of your rooms . . . along with many other factors, your HVAC tech ensures that you have just the right amount of cooling and heating capacity.
Too much power will waste energy and shorten the life of your system.
Too little power will make your home feel uncomfortable and also increase your fuel bills.

Traditionally, these computations were done with paper and pencil. Today, of course, contractors have a Manual J calculator which can make sophisticated equations quickly and easily.
The result: A more comfortable, energy-efficient home!


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