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You Want R410-A

Choose HVAC Equipment with Eco-Friendly R410-A Refrigerant

AC Doctor also wants you to know that you have a choice in HVAC equipment regarding what type of refrigerant the system uses.  We strongly urge you to install equipment that uses the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant for two reasons:

  • R-410A is not chlorine based so it will not harm the environment in the same way that that the old refrigerant, R-22, will.
  • Laws that come into effect in 2010 (the Montreal Protocol) will eliminate the use of the old refrigerant R-22, so servicing a system that uses R-22 will be increasingly difficult and expensive.

How you can help yourself and the Earth

1. Buy the highest efficiency system you can afford.  While the payback in financial terms may or may not make sense today, experts forecast that the cost of electricity and natural gas will continue to escalate.

2. Buy a system the uses the R410-A refrigeration product.  The availability of R410-A should be acceptable during your system’s lifespan, and this ozone-friendly refrigerant is better for the environment than the old R-22.

3. Have your HVAC contractor examine all aspects of your HVAC system because, as you know by now, the performance and efficiency of your system depends on more than just the efficiency rating of your equipment.  Use our Quality Installation Checklist to ensure system is optimized.

The HVAC Installation Checklist