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some rooms are hotter and some colderZoning

Zoning systems help you control the heating and cooling comfort in your home where you want it and when you want it.  Using this type of system, you have the control of desired temperatures in the rooms you want. No more over-cooling unoccupied areas in order to keep another cool. Comfort, energy-efficiency and at the flip of a switch too. Isn’t that the way to enjoy the temperature you want in every room?

Homes generally have one centrally located thermostat. When that location’s temperature changes, the HVAC system will kick in. Your ductwork uses dampers in a set and locked position to control air flow to each room. Like the dual climate control in your car, complete home zoning combine these two features and puts control in the hand of the room occupant. Each room has its own thermostat controlling damper positions, so you can have the heat higher in some rooms than in others, thus maintaining individual comfort.

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