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Replacing your air conditioning and heating system with a new high efficiency model may save you hundreds of dollars in utility expenses, increase the value of your home, clean the air you and your family breathe, and dramatically reduce your impact on the natural environment.


Upgrading your HVAC system can potentially reduce your home’s energy consumption by 30 to 40%.  With a new high efficiency system and properly sealed duct work you could dramatically reduce or even eliminate utility increases.  Also, many utility companies offer incentives to homeowners who install high efficiency HVAC systems, search our database to see if you qualify for a rebate or low-interest loan.



The Environmental Protection Agency lists Indoor Air Quality among the top 5 risks to human health, probably because indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.  Indoor Air Quality add-ons for your air conditioning and heating system can make your home a dramatically healthier place for you and your family by reducing allergies, helping prevent asthma, and even boosting productivity.



So many parties win when you decide to install high-efficiency central air conditioners and heaters: you save money on your energy bills, the environment is saved from excess green house gas emissions, and our country reduces dependency on non-renewable energy.  Many people therefore want to incentivize you to install these high-efficiency systems.  Use our Rebates Engine to learn if there are incentives you can take advantage of.



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